Ubi bene, ibi patria!

When will it CRASH ??

Between 1978 and 2010 real estate prices in Italy have increased 600 percent and between 80 and 90 percent of Italians are owner-occupiers, one of the highest percentages in the world after England. It is good advice to emulate them and invest in property instead of stocks, due to the instability of the world economy in general. It is all too easy to pop down to your local bank or broker and invest and, as has been shown in recent years, many people have lost their savings. Between the years 2011 and 2018 the Real Estate prices in Italy were falling down between 5% and 8% per year. Prime location properties with Lake View, Sea Front and Sea view, close to Skiing or Golf resorts are still strong. The Italian economy is still recession, due to the decline in domestic demand. The fall was partly offset by external demand’s positive contribution to the economy. It is expected to bounce back ONLY after the next CRASH which may come tomorrow or in 2020.

Recommended Reading:

1. The Creature from Jekyll Island, by G.E. Griffin – this book will explain why you should invest your money NOW in real estate and/or GOLD.
2. Gold wars, by Ferdinand Lips
3. Machtbeben 2018 von Dirk Muller (only in German)

Here are 4 good tips

to help you manage the next CRASH

- Buy properties ONLY in prime (AAA) locations. - Do not borrow more than 50% and only with a fixed interest rate!

- Buy gold for a minimum of 30% of your savings

- Sell stocks now, make profit before the CRASH and

- keep enough CASH to buy stocks back after the next CRASH

2018 - The turbulence of the world economy, politically conflicts and thereby widespread insecurity on the international stock exchanges has made the oldest form of the investment even more attractive. A real estate possession is regarded as one of the most secure investments.
It might be also interesting to buy NOW properties outside Europe and the USA, because many people will look to buy properties in countries where the CRASH will not effect their portfolio too much.

If you have valuable properties which you do not want to sell now, be sure that you have a mortgage with a fixed interest rate.


Italy was for many centuries the best kept secret in the Mediterranean Sea and still today it is one of the best location to live and enjoy life and sports at its best 12 months a year! But the Italian government is doing everything to ruin this paradise. If you are a Tuscany Lover – BUY NOW! Prices cannot get lower!

Tuscany is the region that is located in the very center of Italy, so it can be called definitely the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, the garden of Italy.
For some, it’s the Tuscan wine, like Chianti. Among the most famous Tuscan wines is the Brunello di Montalcino and Vino Nobile di Montepulciano known and valued all over the world, like so many others cultivated here in this wonderful, climatic unique area. ANd With a big glass of red wine in your hand, the next crash might be is sweeter.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is the new world for many investors looking for low cost properties with high income and people which like to live surrounded by natur at its best. Right in the middle between two seas you find this paradise. First country in the world with no military and 99% of alternative energy PLUS many years ranked #1 as HPI - Happy Planet Index

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Costa Rica ranked number 1 in the Happy Planet Index (HPI)

For the second time, Costa Rica tops the HPI, with a substantial lead.
The country has embraced sustainability in its national policies: it produces 99% of its energy from renewable sources, has reversed deforestation in the country, and, in 2008, committed itself to becoming carbon neutral by 2021.
Costa Rica has the second highest life expectancy in the Americas, higher than the USA’s; experienced well-being higher than many richer nations; and a per capita Ecological Footprint one third the size of the USA’s.

But Costa Rica’s Footprint is larger than it would need to be for it to live within its fair share of planetary resources, and is larger than its own biocapacity (1.6 g ha per capita). This is partly due to consumption patterns – the goods consumed by many in the country will have been produced in other countries that have less sustainable energy policies. This goes to show that one country cannot achieve sustainability alone.
The Happy Planet Index measures three components.
The Components are Experienced well-being, Life expectancy, Ecological Footprint.