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Are you looking to buy overseas property, a holiday home as an investment, or just want to spend your precious time with family and friends in your own house by the sea?
You want to rent or sell your real estate abroad? - we can help!
30 years of experience in buying and selling real estate abroad in 4 languages, project development and assistance with investment projects, VIP sales coordination, assistance with international banking, incorporation of holding companies with asset protection in Belize, Malta and Liechtenstein,   Investments and tax planning in the real estate world.

You do not want to advertise on the internet, or any other conventional sales strategies to sell your property.
We guarantee 100% discretion and privacy.
Not all properties that we have for sale, we do publish on the Internet. Some of our sellers prefer a Secret sale also called “Pocket Listing”. It’s not just the rich and famous who might want this privacy though. Think about prosecutors or judges that try tough cases, or controversial politicians who want to remain anonymous in their personal lives. Not to forget that the value of a property may go down when the public knows about your sales intentions. Poor publicity (jealousy) of the neighborhood and excessive advertising on the internet by too many estate agents, diminish the price of a property too.
We offer discreet merging with potential buyers!
We deliberately did not want to create a MLS shopping catalog here, as our website is only intended to give you a first impression of HOW - WHERE and WHAT we offer. According to your detailed ideas and wishes, we may have or find the home of your dreams.